About Cetera Labs

Established in 2002, today Cetera Labs offers website maintenance services in the United Kingdom.

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Our goal

By 2025, become the world's largest website maintenance company.

Our United Kingdom website maintenance portfolio

Includes more than 1,000 projects and more than 100 eCommerce among them. Most interesting are:

Clothing and shoes



Computers and networks

  • rrc.ru — computers and electronics b2b-eCommerce.
  • ipc2u.ru — industrial pc multi-language eCommerce.
  • 1digial.ru — office supplies and electronics eCommerce.
  • kservis-it.ru — computers and electronics b2b-eCommerce.
  • it-stock24.ru — computers and electronics.
  • arntel.ru — network and server equipment b2b-eCommerce.
  • it-sochi.ru— the system integrator.

Sport and fans




In other countries

Team of 250+ specialists:

  • website developers
  • UI/UX designers
  • content managers
  • account managers

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Vlad Ukhov
Vlad Ukhov
Roman Efimov
Roman Efimov